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Khan Murtuza Fuad, CEO Founder

Story of Megamind Consultancy

Megamind is established with a crystal-clear motive to provide quality service to students whose endeavor is to earn a qualification from overseas. Established in November 2017 by a group of experienced professionals, from this date it is provoked by its goal of providing quality service to students who want to continue studies from abroad countries. Megamind is located at heart of Chittagong city. From time to time we organize seminars in these cities to provide students appropriate information about countries, policies, admissions & requirements. Megamind firmly believes that higher education needs appropriate planning to pledge that, students choose the right academic trail. With this in mind, we assist students by giving inclusive information about study opportunities in various countries of the globe. We have well qualified & trained counselors who are in service of our clients seeking for better career prospects.

Megamind helps the students enroll in top quality courses and institutions worldwide aiming at unleashing their potential through education. Our mission starts from integrating and supplying proper guidelines to our clients and vision is to get Bangladeshi students and clients to get proper support for establishing themselves in the range of demanding workplaces in the USA. Student Consultant has a simple mission: to provide information that makes it easy for BANGLADESHI students to find the right college or university to pursue their dream of studying the USA.




Vision, Mission, and Goal 



  • Megamind wants to be a quality global service provider to the students who desire and dream to study abroad.
  • Megamind mission is to guide the students from the first stage to the final stage in the process of leading them to their education destination.
  • The goal of Megamind is to serve the students locally and internationally and expand its services worldwide.

Canada 78%

Australia 80%

UK 90%

Malaysia 98%

China 90%

Germany 100%

Sweden 90%

Norway 90%

Poland 90%

What our clients say about Megamind Consultancy


University: Yangzhou University Subject:  MBACountry: China

Samiha Dider,


University: University of Passau
Subject:  MSc in CSE
Country: Germany
Cell: +4917623411058

Roushan Ara Jhumur,

The History of Megamind Consultancy at a Glance

  • Establishment

    Established in November 2017 by a group of experienced professionals, from this date it is provoked by its goal of providing quality service to students who want to continue studies from abroad countries.

  • A New Year Start

    Your journey to success starts with Megamind.Get a premium end to end admission guidance and services from certified specialists.

  • Enabling Global Education

    Streamline Your Talent In The Right Direction.

Awesome People Behind Megamind Consultancy


Khan Murtuza Fuad

Founder and CEO

Ashraf Raihan

Co-Founder and Head of Business

Morshed Rahman

Co-Founder and Head of Operation


Megamind Consultancy | Expert Assistance

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Megamind Study Abroad

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Canada will fingerprint international students !!

In Canada, changes to regulations that took effect on 31 December will require nearly all international students coming into the county to provide a photo and fingerprints. 

The requirements have applied to international students arriving from Europe, the Middle East, and Africa since 31 July 2018. The recent changes extend the same rules to international students arriving from Asia, Asia Pacific and the Americas.

The new rules do not apply to international students who are already enrolled in a Canadian institution, who are applying to renew or extend their student permit from inside Canada.

The fingerprint process will become an important part of the application process. Digital fingerprints will be sent to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police who check the prints against the criminal, and other records. 

If there are no issues of concern, the student’s application will go ahead.

If there is a problem, Canadian immigration officials will assess the case and decide on whether the application is approved or not.


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